Syncing with Xinhu's Beat: Unveiling the "Pump" Momentum

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A warm atmosphere enveloped the meeting room of Xinhu Canned Motor Pump Co. Ltd. located in the Hefei Economic Development Zone, on December 15, 2023. The Technical Director, Material Experts, and Deputy Sales Director from BOSOM New Materials, along with personnel from Xinhu, engaged in technical discussions. The General Manager of Xinhu, heads of the Research and Development Centre, and the Procurement Department also participated in the exchange. 


Xinhu is a well-known domestic enterprise specializing in the production of various types of pumps. Their product range includes water supply equipment, integrated prefabricated pump stations, canned, submersible, self-priming, and nearly a hundred specifications of such water pumps, which are popular in both domestic and international markets. The company emphasizes talent development and has established long-term stable cooperation with universities and research institutions. They have recruited several pump experts who receive national subsidies as company consultants. Professional technical personnel constitute 23% of the workforce, providing technical assurance and intellectual support for the company's development. Their technical prowess is at the forefront domestically. 


The BOSOM research and sales team was deeply impressed by the practical, humble, eager-to-learn, and warm work culture demonstrated by Xinhu in research investment and standardized corporate management. “Xinhu has a very rigorous process and evaluation system in the development and incorporation of BOSOM materials, ensuring the stability and consistency of product quality, thus standing true to the Xinhu spirit of ‘seeking truth, being pragmatic, and pursuing excellence’ ”, expressed Zhu Meiyan, Deputy Director of BOSOM's Major Clients. 


The General Manager of Xinhu extended a warm welcome to BOSOM New Material for a fruitful technical exchange. She addressed, “This event allows Xinhu to see the innovative application of BOSOM's plastic-aluminium substitute materials and thermal management system materials in the market. Xinhu has always embraced an attitude of embracing innovation. We must embark on bold innovations and assess, corroborate with diligence.” Meanwhile, the General Manager of Xinhu also praised BOSOM's pragmatic approach to scientific research management: “I have visited BOSOM's site, and among domestic materials, BOSOM is at the forefront in terms of the site, equipment, and personnel. BOSOM requires Ph.D. students and postgraduates to enter the workshop and production line. It's a genuinely grounded company! 


The General Manager of Xinhu also proposed that Xinhu should focus on innovation and reform: Establishing a new stance, embodying new principles, integrating new perspectives. 


The entire afternoon of technical exchange left both parties wanting for more. Although the Replacing Metal with Plastics project by BOSOM is in a niche market, the technology spans various disciplines such as structure, materials, and moulding. BOSOM's team, one after another, has been working tirelessly, investing both capital and youth for over a decade. The continuous investment and annual accumulation of technology have led to significant breakthroughs in areas like automotive and heat dissipation, replacing metal with plastics. However, BOSOM also recognizes its shortcomings when comparing with Xinhu: Xinhu advocates for the management team to go on the ground and enter the front line, rigorously selects and treats suppliers, continues to innovate, and consistently leads the market. These aspects are worth learning for the BOSOM team.  


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