Collaborative Milestone: Anhui Engineering University & BOSOM Launch Industrialization Technology Research Institute in Automotive and Aerospace Sectors

Release time:2023/12/06 Publisher:

On the afternoon of December 4th, a momentous event unfolded at Anhui Engineering University—the signing and unveiling ceremony of the "Industrialization Technology Research Institute for Plastic Substitution in the Automotive and Aerospace Sectors," a collaborative venture between Anhui Engineering University and BOSOM New Materials Technology (Wuhu) Co., Ltd. Attending the ceremony were Vice President Zhou Hongping of Anhui Engineering University, Chairman Zhou Yongsong of BOSOM New Materials Technology (Wuhu) Co., Ltd., and Professor Gao Jiangang from the School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering at Anhui Engineering University, who has been appointed as the director of the research institute.

Vice President Zhou Hongping delivered an enthusiastic speech, commending BOSOM's over a decade of research accumulation in the field of modified engineering plastics and its commendable achievements both domestically and internationally. Recognizing the significance of university-enterprise cooperation in today's market economy, she affirmed its role in the transformation of technological achievements and the stimulation of socio-economic development. Looking ahead, she urged for deeper collaboration, stating, “Take this opportunity to evolve towards deeper and broader horizons, transitioning from mere partners to collaborative companions”.

Chairman Zhou Yongsong, in his address, highly praised Anhui Engineering University as a predominantly engineering-oriented provincial multidisciplinary institution, and a key construction university in Anhui Province. He highlighted its unique regional advantage, robust research strength, and faculty foundation, emphasizing its reputable influence nationwide. Anticipating the extensive application of new materials—substituting metal with plastics—in future industrial production and foreseeing market prospects in specific technological domains, he proposed leveraging the capabilities of the university in research and talent to establish effective collaboration. Expressing his expectations, he stated, “We hope Anhui Engineering University can continuously supply us with practical talents. Their outstanding students can become executives, heads of technical and business departments at our Wuhu base.”

Zhou Yongsong emphasized the need for BOSOM New Materials to assess the market value of research challenges, encouraging the institute's teachers to actively engage with projects, students, and regularly visit the research and development sites and production processes of enterprises. He envisioned a persistent and collaborative effort between the university and the enterprise in tackling research challenges, achieving breakthroughs in technical innovation, and reducing costs through effective management.

Both parties concurred that the collaboration between the university and the enterprise is instrumental in consolidating high-quality resources, achieving a synergistic partnership, and seamlessly integrating learning, research, and production. The shared belief is that this collaboration will facilitate efficient knowledge transfer, promptly transform research outcomes into production elements, launch flagship products, and ultimately lead to mutual benefits and success.