Working in the dark for ensuring supply

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  At 4 o 'clock in the early morning, the darkness was deep, all was quiet, we were still sleeping in the thick night, Su who usually responsible for administrative logistics were waken up by a temporary phone call,It turned out that the truck loaded with raw materials had arrived at the highway junction waiting for pickup. Although sleepy, Su got up quickly without hesitation, put on protective equipment such as masks and checked the driver's green code, just as he did during the day, and hurried to the highway in the dark to pick up raw materials. By the time the goods are unloaded and the truck is sent back to the highway, the sun and the moon have changed.

  Seeing that the truck returned safely, Su set his mind at rest for a while, hurried to eat breakfast and quickly threw himself into work.


  At 20:00 PM, PMC Hong already pass the time to get off work, Hong, the man who get the message to pick up the car for company metaries delivery temporarily, he did not hesitate to the highway intersection. At 23:00 at midnight, the logistics truck loaded with BOSOM modified engineering plastics was sent safely to the customer at the high-speed port, and Hong was finally relieved to end the busy day.


    One vacation after another that they can have a rest, once and once again to retrograde into the frontline, no matter the weather, no matter day or night, In accordance with the government's epidemic prevention requirements, BOSOM colleagues are always ready to pick up raw material trucks, arrange nucleic acid tests and antigen tests for all staff, sterilize items to ensure the normal life of quarantinable colleagues...

  In order to ensure the stable supply for customers, one and one lovely BOSOM colleagues do their best, not only in the daily hard work, but also to contribute their own little bit of humble power.

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  COVID-19 will be over, we will do our best to ensure supply. Worship god, love others, pursue excellence, to provide customers with reliable quality, reasonable price, touching new materials and solutions, industry humanistic song is always on the road.