BOSOM won the recognition of zhejiang Key enterprise Research Institute

Release time:2022/01/15 Publisher:

According to the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology released on January 6th "on the announcement of 2021 new identified provincial enterprise R & D institutions list" (Zhejiang Science and Technology High (2021) 71), Hangzhou BOSOM New Material Technology Co., LTD successfully passed the zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology's audit, evaluation and publicity, etc. It has been identified as "2021 Provincial Key Enterprise Research Institute".


After more than ten years of unremitting efforts in the field of modified engineering plastics and special engineering plastics, BOSOM has accumulated a number of high performance and special functional engineering plastics technology: Halogen-free flame retardant reinforced nylon composite developed by BOSOM, Halogen-free flame retardant reinforced nylon composite developed by the company, in the application of low-voltage appliances, the domestic market share ranks among the best in the industry; Independently developed nylon with high thermal conductivity can replace metal aluminum as heat dissipation structure (usually under natural convection conditions), breaking the current situation that heat dissipation can only rely on aluminum. The product technology has been identified as the international advanced level by China Light Industry Federation. Independent research and development of antistatic, long-acting heat-resistant nylon materials, Germany Continental group to produce the world's first industrialized "plastic instead of aluminum" electronic throttle.

This selection has encouraged BOSOM's confidence in the field of low-voltage electrical appliances, and made BOSOM firm determination in the peripheral structural parts of automobile engines (performance requirements: Long-term high temperature resistance 130~200, corrosion resistance, high dimensional stability, etc.), "plastic instead of aluminum/copper" heat dissipation module application field and "plastic instead of aluminum" new energy vehicle motor, electric control, valve and other application fields continue to expand research and development, Excavate and expand technical advantages in "nylon high-performance modification, heat dissipation solution with plastic instead of aluminum, online molding of rapid crystallization engineering plastics", and strive for a better market share and position. At the same time, BOSOM Research Institute management team said: Choosing the right technical direction in confusion, In terms of core team building, product development and technology development process, BOSOM will adhere to learning from excellent enterprises and research institutes at home and abroad for a long time, and strive to build beter BOSOM Enterprise Research Institute that serves the carbon reduction and energy saving of the modified plastic industry chain.