Chen Rugen, Secretary of Linping District Party Committee, visited Hangzhou BOSOM New Materials for inspection and guidance

Release time:2021/09/03 Publisher:

On September 1st, Chen Rugen, party Secretary of Linping District, Hangzhou, visited Hangzhou BOSOM New Materials Technology Co., LTD(hereinafter referred to as "BOSOM"), Zhu Zhenwei, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of the Development Zone, Bian Jikun, member of the Party working Committee and deputy director of the management Committee of the development zone, and other leaders participated in the visit.


Zhou Yongsong, chairman of BOSOM, reported the current development of the company to Chen Rugen. He said that he still need to learn from DuPont, BASF and other excellent domestic and foreign enterprises in terms of management level and good knowledge of people, and expressed his long-term goals and determination as industrial personnel: Strive to become one of the leaders of modified nylon, plastic instead of metal cooling and shielding engineering plastics, fast crystallization engineering plastics online molding and other aspects through persistent efforts and innovation, with the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction, as well as do our best to gather resources, building an international advanced level of modified engineering plastics and special engineering plastics in the field of open research and development headquarters in linping Development Zone.


During the field investigation, Secretary Chen Rugen listened carefully to the product technical advantages and scientific and technological innovation achievements of BOSOM, and affirmed that in the field of LED, communication, security and other heat radiation systems,BOSOM developed the first research-based product with plastic instead of aluminum in many industries. He also expressed that the government will do a good job in providing relevant services, We will work together to promote the higher quality development of BOSOM.